Looking for an assistant…asap!

Okay, the time has come.  Wedding season (which seems to be YEAR-ROUND in Florida) and my own wedding planning is sending me over the edge.  If I could just clone myself, I would be in much better shape.  Unfortunately that’s really not a possibility.  SOOOOOO, the time has come to get a personal assistant.  Below are the requirements.  Please send this info to anyone you know might fit the criteria and would be interested in working with a crazy person.  Just kidding. (no I’m not)  When it comes to my work, I like things done a very specific way.  I’m a perfectionist and try to go above and beyond for my clients, so I would need an assistant with that same mentality. 

This would start as a part time position with the possibility of being more.  Also, this is a great opportunity for someone wanting to learn the photography business.  I get emails of questions from people all the time on my work flow, camera/shooting info, etc.  I am looking for someone that will stay long term.  So please email your resume and any additional information as to why you would be perfect for this position.  In the subject line, please include “TBP assist 2010”.

Okay, here’s the list:

– My main concern is finding someone that know that when I ask them to do something, I don’t have to check up on them and remind them over and over.  I need then to remind ME of things…not the other way around.

-Organization of my life, office, and calendar.

-Bookkeeping: Any quickbooks knowledge would be awesome. 


-Album design:  I can teach this if need be, but I would need someone to already have that creative eye.

-Photoshop:  I would love for someone to already have basic knowledge of PS.  Although I would still be doing my editing, I would love someone to already know photoshop and be able to do things here and there as they come. (save the date designs, etc)

-Website/Blog/Facebook: Knowledge of how to work websites and be in charge of keeping both of these up to date.

Please send resume to me at tonya@tonyabeaverphotography.com. 



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