Making headway with our planning.

Sept 4th isn’t oo far off, and we still have SO much to do to plan our wedding.

First thing, I have to give a huge thank you to my wedding planner that has been helping me stay somewhat on schedule (it’s hard to do when I only gave us 4 months to plan a wedding!).  Her name is Brooke, and if you are in need of any help with wedding planner…email her:

Secondly, I met with the florist a few days ago and wanted to give a shout out for her too.  Lynette with Rose of Sharon is absolutely amazing.  She was everything that all my brides have always told me she is in the planning process.  I came into the meeting barely even having my colors picked out so I definitely had no idea what to think about flowers.  (You would think I would have a good idea since I’ve seen a wedding or two! LOL  But I didn’t.)  She showed me lots of pictures from past weddings to get an idea of my style then took me down to the workroom and literally put together some flowers for me to see.  I can’t tell if I like something unless I SEE it.  So it really made me feel great watching her work with some flower types and color shades to see the different options.  Here’s a few pics of some ideas she came up with.  Can you tell our colors? =)  Black and white with yellow as our pop.


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