Just had a moment! AWEEEEEE

I was just googling my name because it’s 6:30 AM, and I’m too lazy to just type in my whole web address to look at my website (I’m in the mood for a website overhaul… <SIGH>  It’s 6:30…WHAT am I THINKING???)  Anyway, when I googled my name to pull up my website, one of the links that popped up said “my first blog”.  For nostalgic reasons I decided to click on it to see what my emotions were there for that VERY FIRST blog.  “How exciting!” I thought.  From the looks of that blog post, it was super short, and I was confused.  Five years later, not much has changed. haha I STILL hate writing on the blog (Hello, that’s why I’m a photographer…I can’t communicate in words…I use photos!)  Right now Danielle and I have an agreement that she gets to do ALL my blog posts that require words just b/c I hate it SO BAD!  It’s just funny to look back from 2008 and not be surprised at all from what I see.

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