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I'm Tonya, a photographer located in Jacksonville Florida.

Telling beautiful stories is what I do. Whether it be weddings, babies, families - I genuinely cherish being a part of it all.

I'm inspired by sincere love, authenticity, and real emotions.

I can't wait to tell your story.


It’s not often I take the time to actually WRITE on my blog…especially about matters of the heart. But I’m going to pull down the curtain for a sec and just be open and honest about some of the heartache and struggle I have seen through the years. Being around SO many brides in the last 15 years of my journey has transitioned into them coming back soon after the big day for news of their pregnancy. And shortly after that, we’re photographing newborn photos and then another set of newborn photos. However, for MANY others, it’s been more the story of struggle to get pregnant, many stories of loss, struggles during birth, learning of birth defects after delivery, you name it. Life is a story written with so many unexpected turns. Often times involving struggle and hardship. I can recall one of my newborn sessions this past year, the mom walked in with her carrier and said something to the effect of “Hi, how are you? My daughter has *x,y,z* going on” (I’m not giving details since I haven’t cleared it with them), and I just remember sitting with her in the studio that day crying along side her as she gave me the details. They had no idea this was going to be a part of their story, and along with hormones and sleep deprivation and sheer shock, there were tears. Which I totally get. And I think the most beautiful gift anyone can ever give me is to sit in pain and share it. Don’t hide it or pretend it doesn’t exist. It’s so authentic and real, to the millionth degree. And to be honest, there are more stories like that rather than “oh everything turned out perfectly”. It’s just that most of us are doing all of our suffering in silence.

One ray of sunshine we do get to experience are all the rainbow babies that come along. If you’re not familiar with rainbow babies, they are the baby that is born after a family has experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death. August 22 is a day set aside every year to honor the parents who have experienced loss and also to celebrate the new life of their new baby that came next. Also, it’s a day for people to be open and share their own struggle of loss in hopes of offering some comfort to those who are in the depths of their own sorrow, often times feeling so alone.

So for all you mamas, dads, and families that have experienced the loss of a child…or endured any hurt and hardship, today we honor you. And today we share a hope of all new beginnings. The beauty after devastation. Rainbow after the storm.

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