The Reception Question: Band versus DJ {By Danielle}

This is Danielle again, tackling some wedding planning issues. A lot of people have advice when it comes to planning your wedding. One issue that constantly comes to light is if a bride should have a band or a DJ. Every bride faces this issue and typically will seek out advice from friends, draw on past experiences, and stress about the costs.  I have a few simple tips to navigate through all of the factors which are pushing you in either direction!

Listening to friends. It is important to select a group of people you can lean on when it comes to wedding advice. You will get plenty of unsolicited advice from friends and acquaintances and while some of this may be useful, you should try to turn to a select group of people for the bulk of the help. People who truly understand the vision of your wedding with be able to contribute to your band versus DJ decision.

Basing your decision on past experiences. Don’t stress out too much about weddings you have been to because your wedding will be different than any of the weddings you have ever been to. Your wedding is about you as a couple and the friends and family you invite to the event. It is a special day and unique only to you.

Stress about the costs. Ultimately, a band or DJ can make or break your reception. The reception is the time to truly celebrate with your family and friends in an atmosphere you have created. The band or the DJ sets the tone for the entire reception. Cost is certainly a factor but I say spare no expense in your decision. You will not regret it!

In my opinion, it comes down to one thing: what is best for your wedding? Consider the crowd you are inviting to the wedding and what will blend best with your style as a couple. (A great middle ground for a bride and groom is to have live music at the ceremony but have a DJ for the reception). Each couple is different. You may have spend hours dancing with your fiancée at the bars in your college town and a DJ may be simply perfect for your special day! You may have grown up in a musical family or have a special connection to a specific style of music in which case, you will want to have a band! Whatever you choose, do what is right for you!



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