Sgro maternity pics

I must admit that one of my favorite perks of this business is not only being next to all my sweet couples as they walk through their beautiful wedding day…but also watching them through their journey as newlyweds and eventually starting a family. =)  From the first time I met Michelle and Derek, they discussed how they couldn’t wait to be married and start their family.  Without going to much detail since it’s obviously not my business to go blabbing around, their story should give couples who have a difficult time conceiving lots of hope.  I literally cried when Michelle told me she was pregnant because I knew how much they wanted a baby…and I knew how long they had been trying and hoping.   Well, sweet little Sophie will be here before we know it, and I couldn’t be more excited.  Congrats Michelle and Derek.  I’m so happy for you two. xoxoxo
As a side note.  They are redoing their floor in the home, and I tripped over a threshold literally about 45 times during the first half of the shoot.  No exaggeration.  Whew! It’s a wonder I can even get through the day sometimes. =)


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