How to Have a Smooth Wedding Day {Part 2}

This blog post is a continuation of the last “how to have a smooth wedding day” post. It included girls getting ready, girls formals, and boys formal.

Now get ready to be hit with some advice about the ceremony, the formals, and the reception. .

Wedding Ceremony:

Make sure everyone knows when to be at the ceremony and where to go. This is not a time for your family and friends to be casually late to an event. You may want to consider asking your guests to keep their cell phones and iPads down during the ceremony. We know you love them and we know they love you, but it gets pretty out of control trying to take pictures with people standing in the aisle or sides of the room. It has become more and more common for people to bring their iPads to weddings. These devices definitely get in the way of your beautiful photos.

Some of the following tips may be ones you have heard before but walk down the aisle slowly, look at your mate during the ceremony, and take it in because this part goes the fastest.


After the ceremony, be sure your family members that are included in the photos and wedding party knows to stay behind for the pictures. Be sure your list doesn’t include every single guest. There is time at the reception to snap some good photos of all of your family and friends. The formals are for your immediate family, wedding party, and new spouse to get great pictures. The rest of the guests can get started with cocktail hour! The family member shots should be listed but the wedding party shots will get done. Let the photographer be artistic and creative with these!


For your first dance, don’t forget to bustle your dress and take out your veil. A lot of ladies will put a cute pin in their hair in place of the veil. This sets the more casual tone of the reception. You will find it easier to dance!

During speeches, stand near the person that is giving the speech. Then you will get good photos of the interaction between you and the person giving the speech. The candid pictures of the interactions turn out to really show your friendship!

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