Some albums

I was emailing a bride today and talking about the different albums options.  This actually happens frequently.  I try to explain how these albums look, but how can you describe how beautiful it is to have only ONE big picture for an entire spread?  You can’t!  But as you’re flipping through an album, it’s those types of pages that make you stop and say “whoah, that’s gorgeous!”.  So here’s a few albums that are sitting on the table right now.  Enjoy!

We like to add text so below the written part was actually taken directly from her ceremony. =)

This is one of the pages you open up, and it’s like, “BAM”

Below is a sample of the “mini storybook” that is included in the last half of the packages.  Most people fill these with their engagement photos OR use them as a signature guestbook for their reception.

Last but not least, here’s a few snapshots I grabbed the last few weeks when brides came to pick up their album.  I LOVE watching a bride’s face as she gets to see her wedding album in person. Here’s Jen. =)

And Renee and her momma!


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