Summer of firsts – Second shooting a wedding

If you’ve seen any of my instagram or other social media posts lately , you’ll notice I’ve been making some major life overhauls. I set out with a list this summer to go live life to the fullest. It’s kind of like how we all make goals at the beginning of the year but they trail off slowly through the early months.  I wanted to have an amazing summer and look back with no regret so I made some short term goals – a bucket list.  Top on that list was travel.  I’ll be making some blog posts of my amazing trips this summer.  But to explain this trip specifically….I met a friend when I was in Maui, Preston.  He and I met at a crossfit gym there.  He’s a wedding photographer, super health conscience, same humor as me, adventurous.  I could go on and on.  We met and hit it off – became pretty insuperable from early on – and he kept saying from the get go to please come visit him in Minnisota the following month to shoot a wedding and road trip with him.  I of course kept saying NO (even though I had already determined I would say YES to all the opportunities for the summer)  EVENTUALLY I said yes, packed my bags, booked my ticket, and here we are.

One of the things Preston and I kept talking about when we were in Maui was how as a creative, you often and eventually just start creating what you know your clients are telling you they want which can be via a pinterest board they sent or a check list etc.  So creatively you’re then stifled and following along versus being let go to excel in your craft.  I’m so thankful that my clients typically say to me “this is YOUR thing – please do what YOU think is best” and let me go at it.  That’s where the magic happens.  And that’s what Preston told me when shooting this wedding.  “I don’t want to give you any instructions.  Go shoot what you want.”  Also in all my travels this summer I have gotten back to documenting every detail of life.  This is how  I was starting from a very early age.  This is what gave me my love for photography…it’s documenting the journey.  And that’s the approach I took for shooting this day.

I can honestly say shooting this wedding as a SECOND shooter inspired me.  Getting to meet the needs of the main photographer without him asking for the help – and doing the things because I KNOW what they are from 15 years of being a main photographer – it was fulfilling.  Looking for the creative or hidden moments instead of focusing on a check list…it was all medicine to my soul.  The day was long, exhausting, amazing, fun, FUNNY, and I’m honored to have been a part of it.

Thank you Preston (Brovado Weddings) for asking me to be a part of your wedding event.  Thank you Aaron and Erin for being such a beautiful and IN LOVE couple.  You gave us many beautiful tender moments to capture.

Cell Photo Video Diary pics and vids:









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