The Fall Bridal Fantasy is finally here!

Here’s a little snip it of a video to get you all excited for Sunday’s bridal show at World Golf.  If you need to tickets, I still have a few.  I’ll be giving away a photo session and picture package so stop by our booth to sign up for that.  We are right at the second entrance so come on over.

#1.  Try very hard not to be overwhelmed.  I know it’s like taking a wedding drug that throws you all out of whack and it’s hard to even comprehend what’s going on.  But just try to soak it all in and have fun.  It’s all about you and your wedding so just have FUN.

#2.  Make a girl day out of it.  Get your closest girls, mom , and even grandmother.  It makes for a nice time of just being with the girls, and it helps to get them stoked about your wedding too.

#3.  If you really want your guy to go, let him hang by the bar first.  This is so not a guy event, and he’ll need a little something to dull the pain.

#4.  Eat as much wedding cake as possible.  Even if you already know what bakery you are using for the wedding, eat the cake.  It’s all amazing, and it’s only one day’s worth of extra sugar and calories.

#5.  Make labels with your name, address, phone number, email, and wedding date on them.  That way, you can sign up for all the giveaways without having to sit and write it all down a million times.

#6.  Bring a notebook and pen.  You will meet a TON of vendors.  Write down the vendor names you are interested in and just a couple words to jog your memory about them.  Trust me, when the day is over and it’s you sitting alone with your bag full of cards, brochures, and goodies…it will be a blur and seem like a dream.

And those are my tips for bridal shows.  Hope you have a great time at the show!!
And I hope to see you there!


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