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Timeline and Shot list

Once it’s time to start nailing down specific times for your wedding day, you can use the following information and guide as help do that. Also attached is a shot list that I like to have finalized for the wedding day. Both were used from a previous couple so you can erase their info and replace with your own to send back to me.


Below is the info on how a wedding day typically goes.  Please download the guide at the bottom of this page. You can just erase the information and replace with your own.  It’s a good idea for a copy to be sent to the wedding party/immediate family so everyone knows when and where to be for photos, etc. Please include addresses to where all of the events are taking place (getting ready locations, ceremony location, reception location) AS WELL AS cell phone numbers for the couple and MOH and BM.  Also I love a list of your vendors for the day just so I know.  So feel fee to list those at the end of your timeline.  

We typically arrive THREE hours before ceremony start time and follows something similar to this:

-30 mins – detail shots of shoes, jewelry, dress, etc. All bridesmaids need to be finishing up getting ready. Hair and makeup needs to be wrapping up.

-30 mins – getting bride into dress – Bridesmaids and MOB need to be 100% dressed and ready so they can be in the photos dressing the bride.

-1 hour – girls pre wedding formals (bouquets need to be delivered and in hand by this time)

-1 hour – boys pre wedding formals (boutonnieres need to be delivered and on the guys for their photos)

-Ceremony (usually 30 minutes)

-1 hour after ceremony – combined formals (brides fam, grooms fam, wedding party, the couple)

-Reception-Please include reception end time or the time you would like us to leave based on which package (how many hours) you chose.

So just keep that in mind as a “usual flow” when making your timeline.  If yours is different (if cocktail hour is really just a half hour, etc or if you’re doing a first look), just make it accordingly.  Once you send me the documents, I’ll take a look and make sure there are no red flags.  Also, I’m not as concerned with reception timing of all events…once we get in to reception, the DJ takes over.  Mainly I just need to know pre wedding times/locations so we are all on same page for the pictures and how long we have after the ceremony for photos.

Shot list:

I need a list made of family and people combos.  I can’t make promises, but I definitely try to make sure and get everything my couple hopes for on a wedding day.  Also please note if there are any family members who don’t get along.  For instance, I’ve seen parents that are divorced that don’t prefer to be in photos together.  I like to have a heads up on this so I don’t make anyone uncomfortable asking for a typical photo.  Please keep in mind that if you make a long list of family combos, it leaves less time for you and your formals of just you two (which are usually the  most important…those are what couples hang on their walls and use most in wedding albums)  So if a someone wants 10 family combos of one side of the family, I would suggest doing 2 or 3 tops so you can have the majority of time roaming around taking formals of you two. Also, it’s best to do large extended family photos at the reception.  They take up so much time in between the ceremony-reception time.  Usually we are pressed for time and lighting as is.

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