A few tips for your wedding day

Recently I sat with a couple to make their final timeline adjustments right before their wedding day. I offered one tiny piece of advice which is a hard and fast rule for me to NEVER do unless specifically asked. But very quickly after that the groom said, “Is there anything else you see from your perspective on wedding days that we should know?” And that inspired me to write this blog post. If I were a couple about to walk through a wedding day – these are a few main things I would want to know. Enjoy!

  1. Everyone is going to give you their wedding planning opinions. For my brides that are people pleasers, it’s really hard keeping everyone happy. Try to set some boundaries or have your fiancĂ© help keep things in check so you plan what YOU want, not someone else’s dream wedding day. On the flip side, if you don’t care about the details of this day and ultimately you just want to show up and marry the person of your dreams, then delegate. Hire a planner. Have someone else do all the details. Make the process enjoyable.
  2. Timing – Consider starting hair and makeup earlier than you think would be necessary. It seems to happen more often than not that something will take longer or someone will be added in last minute, etc. which makes things get behind from the beginning. It’s far more enjoyable on you guys if things are calm and cushion built in rather than stressed and feeling behind.
  3. Groomsmen ALWAYS have questions on how to pin a boutonniere, fold a pocket square, or tie a tie.
  4. When it’s time to walk down the aisle, slow down. It’s probably the most anxious time of the day so brides tend to be quick. But try to slow down and really take in the moment.
  5. During the ceremony it’s easy for the couple to be turned looking at the officiant the whole time. But try to look at your fiancĂ© instead. Your guests (and your photographers) want to see you!
  6. Formal photo time can be frustrating. Family members go missing, you’re standing still and ready to party, you name it. Just remember when making your shot list to only list what you truly want. That way you can live out your beautiful wedding day by enjoying the people there – not standing around for photos longer than you have to.
  7. I know everyone gives the same advice of “it’s going to go so quickly and feel like a blur” and that’s SO true. It bums me out how quickly it goes for my couples, and it’s often that I see their sadness that it’s all over. So really try to keep stopping and just take a look around. Soak up the moment as completely as you can.
  8. Things are going to go wrong. No day is ever perfect. Just try to focus on all the good, all the people sharing your day with you, getting to marry your best friend, all the GOOD things happening. None of the small details are worth not enjoying your day. If this is a tough thing to wrap your head around. Practice now listing five gratitudes each morning; 5 different things about your life everyday that are good. It really helps to shift perspective.
  9. Be prepared for a little bit of a downer when it’s all over. We girls tend to dream of our wedding day our whole lives. When the day is done, planning is done, it can feel a little sad for some people.

-I’ll keep adding to these as I think of them. But these are a great start to be thinking of.


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