Wedding trends (and photos) going worldwide

About two weeks ago we got an email about a photo of ours that has made it around the world because of Pinterest. Social media gives us a unique perspective and ability to share our photos with the world. This specific photo was taken of a wedding trend that is becoming more popular. Couples will use Instagram to capture candid photos of their wedding aside from the photos that a photographer captures. The trend is simple…you take an Instagram photo and use a specific hashtag. The next day, the bride and groom can look through the photos people took at their wedding. We certainly do NOT recommend this in place of a professional photographer (!) but it does capture unique moments and funny situations!

A blog picked up our photo and described the new trend that is turning into a worldwide phenomenon. Social media allows us to connect in such a variety of ways. First, this photo reached Germany because of Pinterest. Second, the photo features an Instagram trend that connects wedding parties. Third, we can now share ideas with the world, as well as learning from trends from other countries! Yay!!

Check out the link if you want to translate the article 🙂

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