Welcome to the bridal fantasy

Ugh, where to begin?  First I would like to thank Greg and Gabrielle Sessions with Jacksonville Wedding Styles for putting on an awesome show…as always.  Through the years, I’ve grown more and more close to these two…on more than just a professional level.  They are two people that work so hard and with such ethics and morals.  They have genuinely always been good to me and my business.  It’s an honor to be a part of anything with them.  I love you two.

Secondly let me just try to explain just how exhausted I was by actual show date.  Wowzas!  As a photographer, of course we want to hang photos in frames to showcase our work.  With the fabric backdrop at all trade shows, of course that’s impossible, and you just have to “make do”.  What to do?  Build something.  Okay, but I’m not a builder.  I had no idea what to do.  A HUGE thank you to everyone who contributed, but a special thanks to Kristina Ahearn who heard my plea…and immediately rolled up her sleeves to help.  We put a plan together and started right away to build a wall for display.  Yes it came at a price of sleepless nights, cuts and bruises, and much aggravation…but it was worth it.

Also a thank you to April for the all nighter we pulled in order to have 2 new sample albums, my friends and hubs who helped with setup and tear down, and my girls who stayed with me all through the show to help meet new couples.  It was SUCH a fun time getting to meet everyone and hear everyone’s stories.  From the couple in their 50’s finding love for the second time, the couples who had JUST gotten engaged, the couples that were just looking for the bar, and seeing my own special couples…it was awesome getting to see you all =)

Hopefully everyone enjoyed their bridal fantasy experience and was able to get some great ideas for their wedding day.


Much love!  xoxoxo


So many reasons why I love her.  Her giggle, she says “boof” instead of “booth”, and her giggle.

Tons of save the dates, thank yous, and albums.

My wall!!!!

Do you think I’m being serious to a potential client or just cracking some joke that makes no sense?  I’m going to go with the second.

Thank you Jess who is one of my recent brides for coming to show off her boudoir album and speak to girls about the whole “boudoir experience!”  She only blushed for the first half of the day. =)

I’m trying to see how tired my eyes look.  I said to one of my girlfriends, “I brought some makeup.  Do you think I should go put some more on?”  She replied with, “um. yes.” LOL  I love their honesty!

My goofy friends.

Here’s my photog buddy, Vince Pierce snapping some shots of the show.

Just one shot of a model bride.

Okay so two…


Thank you so much to Vince for snapping this quick shot right when we finished setting up.  I did NOT think we were going to get it done in time!

And this poor lady having to have her picture taken with me =)



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  1. You are adorable and your booth looks awesome! xoxo

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