Why I do what I do…

Okay so I have a million reasons why I love my work.  I get to tear up with overwhelming amounts of love and emotions several times a week.  I’m not kidding.  I pulled out a pic of last weekends wedding to show my assistant yesterday, and she was in tears b/c the story and the photo was just so tender.  BUT something I always stress to my new clients when we meet is that I just want us to have fun.  I’m rarely ever serious (outside of shooting family formals.  Lord knows we all want that to be over as soon as possible! LOL)  But between my emails to people, to meetings, to the sessions, to the wedding…I just want the experience to be FUN and full of laughs.  Literally.

This is just one snipit from one of my recent sessions.  We do a lot of cutting up on sessions, and I just happened to point and click and actually caught a piece of it.  The groom is going to KILL me!!! I think this was his attempt at being sexy =)

But I really wanted a gorgeous pic of my sweet bride…and I got it =)



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