A day in the life of a wedding photographer

For those of you who are curious what a typical day looks like in the life of a pro photog, here it goes.

Started my day by making breakfast for my hubs.  Scrambled eggs and ezekial bread.

I drank LOTS of coffee, a few bites of an old banana.  It was gross.  Went outside to see if some ant killer did it’s job out in yard.  It didn’t.

Worked on returning a few emails while still in my pj’s.

Let April in the door while still in my pj’s (she’s used to this).

Started working with April on finalizing 2 signature guestbooks and a really sexy hot boudoir book that is going to be a first anniversary gift coming up.

Was headed out to take some headshots, but it got a call that it was postponed last minute which was nice since so much other type of work needed to be completed today.

Worked on bookkeeping and more emails.

Edited a few photos from last weekend, and updated my to do list.

My BFF Jamie Lynn came by for some lunch so I heated up some leftover chicken and quinoa from last night.  Have you guys had quinoa?  It’s so yummy.  We sat outside in the heat and extreme sunlight to have some girl talk before we both had to get back to work.

I did my August Sales tax computations.  When I logged in to pay, I realized last month I entered all my info and apparently hit “save for later” instead of “submit”!  That will be a $50 late fee.  So I hit submit on last months, and entered AND hit submit on this month’s sales tax.

I did my 941 monthly deposit. Check!

Returned MORE emails and facebook messages.

Ordered an album.

Finishing up some sneak peeks from last weekend so my beautiful bride can see.

Got to thinking about how the photography business has so much more work involved than just photography…and here we are writing a blog post about it. =)



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