Alex and Josh are married (A Ponte Vedra Beach Wedding)!

 Rehearsal Dinner Location:  Pussers Caribbean Grille
Ceremony Location: Sawgrass Marriott gazebo
Reception Location: Sawgrass Marriott Ballroom
Caterer: Sawgrass Marriott
Wedding Coordinator: Brooke Bankhead
Photographer: Tonya Beaver Photography
Cake:  Metro Custom Cakes
Florist: Blossoms and Accents
Officiant: Uncle Lee Denker
Hair: Susie Murphy salon in Orange Park?
Make-up: Paulina Perez
Entertainment: DJ Charlie Roberts
Wedding Dress: Jasmine Couture 
Bridesmaids Dresses:  Hand made by Lynne Vincent to Wear
Groom and Groomsmen Wear:  Bridals and More


 How did you two meet? We met through friends.  Both of our groups of friends are actually friends with each other.  We had never met because he was always in Tennessee for school.  Until we both came back from college and then it happened.


How did he propose? On a random Wednesday evening, after a long day at work, I came home after talking with Josh on the phone about what we were going to do because I was starting a 4 day weekend.  He said “just come home and we can decide”.  I pulled up to the house and didn’t feel like getting out my keys so I knocked on the door.  It was dark inside and no one was coming to the door.  I was getting a little agitated that I had to get my keys out when I knew he was home already?!  I unlocked the door and walked into a candle light walk way up to a candle light table.  There were hundreds of pictures that we had taken together hanging from the ceiling by pieces of string.  Josh does romantic sweet things all the time for me so I was just thinking it was another one of his nice gestures.  🙂  God bless the broken road was playing in the background, all the lights were off and I was saying “what in the world is this?  where are you?  where are you???”  I turned around and Josh came around the corner from the kitchen.  I was already teary from walking into such a sweet set up.  I hugged him for a long time and at that moment I felt him shaking.  Why is he shaking?  He started looking at me and saying all these nice things to me while we hugged.  Why is he talking so much?  At that moment I knew something was going on and that he was about to…he is on ONE KNEE.  He took out a ring and asked if I would marry him!!   He then said “come here, I want to show you all of this stuff.”  He knew I am not observant enough to notice on my own.  Haha  He showed me that the pictures were hanging from the ceiling spelling out “Will U Marry ME”.  The table had letters that spelled out “Forever With You Is Picture Perfect” with a picture of us cut in the shape of a heart in the center.  Then he took me to a table for 2 set up with champagne on ice.  He sat me down and brought me dinner that was keeping warm in the oven.  I couldn’t even eat the amazing meal he had prepared because I had absolutely no appetite from being so excited.

How did you decide on your color scheme, flowers, and cake?  No special reason.  Just two colors I love put together and thought it would be pretty!

Where did you go for your honeymoon? Sandals Resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

If you could give yourself any advice prior to the wedding, what would it be?   Don’t assume anything.  And the most helpful advice I got was to number the back of each RSVP card so that if your guests don’t write their name on the card you can still tell which guest sent it back.  Have a number system!




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