Boy do I have a story for YOU! {Epping Forest Yacht Club Wedding Photos}

Ever since getting home on Saturday night after the wedding, all I have been able to do is think about how to write the blog from the wedding day.  There are so many stories to tell  b/c there were so many “different” things that occurred.  It was not your typical wedding day.  It literally rained here for nearly 4 straight days, and it was super important for my sweet bride to have her wedding out doors.  Well, we did it.  She didn’t want an umbrella, she didn’t change her mind, she didn’t care about any of that…she just wanted to marry her best friend outside at her gorgeous venue.  And that she did.  I can’t wait to share all her photos with you.  BUT first here is a little behind the scenes sneak peek.  Going into the day and knowing it was going to be rainy, as a photographer you’re still trying to figure out how to wow your couple.  How can I exceed their expect ions even though they aren’t going to get all the  traditional outside fun shots.  No walking photos, no unbelievable lighting that we just happen to find, yada yada.  But what can I do to make that up to them even though it’s a situation beyond my control?  Right away my thought was to do something amazing WITH the rain.  What is a shot we couldn’t ever get WITHOUT these unfavorable conditions?  A night time rainy shot where you can see the rain falling in the light.  Though I didn’t exactly nail it how I wanted, it definitely is a shot I’m glad to have given them (or will be giving them when they get their collection).  I found myself brainstorming all night about how to do it with my second shooter for the day, Renzo.  Bouncing off ideas on how to pull it off.  So here is one of my test shots as we were trying to test lighting, test the blur of the raindrops.  Renzo couldn’t have been more amazing.  Not many people can put up with me in my normal life much less my OCD’ness on a wedding day.  But my favorite thing about him is he can tell when something is on my mind, and I’m churning it…a shot I want to go for, section of the day we’re behind on, etc…but he can see it on my face, get beside me as I’m walking and say “Talk to me…” I believe that’s his way of saying, “I see something going on in your head, what is my role in making it happen?”  So thank you, Renzo for being such a huge help all day.  I couldn’t have done any of this day without you.

{Test shot: Renzo adjusting light in back, my couple in their sweet pose, tiny light from front, body: canon 5d mark iii, lens: 24-70, ISO 1250, Aperture 2.8, Shutter 1/60 (which is surprising…I thought I was needing to shoot much lower of a ss for this but apparently not..although I did get several variations so probably some were lower for a different effect)

When I get to blog their wedding, I will have several other stories to tell…like how AWESOME of a couple they are to have endured the rain like they did.  No other bride has ever even considered going out in the pouring rain for a wedding or photos!  Also need to talk about the staff at Epping.  I’ve been doing this for SO many years, and I’ve never seen a coordinator nor staff work so hard for their couple.  Never.  And also one thing that so stood out was their families.  There was so much love here.  I can’t tell you how many times I saw people crying.  It was such an emotional day.  I feel like every “day after” a wedding or as I’m driving home from my wedding I’m so touched emotionally by the day, by my relationship with the couple, it’s just moving.  So I know I probably sound like a broken record on my blog when I talk about how much I loved the day.  But I genuinely loved this day, and I love the randomness that it brought.  By the end of the day my bride was standing ankle deep in a rain puddle, and she loved every second of it!  And can I just say, nothing makes it all more worth while than opening up a text the next day from my bride that simply says “Thank you Thank you Thank you”.  It goes straight to the soul. =)






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  1. Tonya,
    You are AMAZING!!!! I love reading your blogs of each couple who choose you as their photographer. I love the fact that you take each event and make that ONE special just for your couple. I love the fact that YOU go beyond the traditional and fit your shoot to fit your couple, not using the same old shots that everyone else uses that seem so generic. I am always touched by what you blog about the day. Keep doing what you do…….you are AMAZING!!!
    Love Ya,

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