Wedding Favors: How to Decide What You Want

Hi everyone! It is Danielle, Tonya’s assistant! We have been getting a lot of questions lately about wedding favors.

The best type of wedding favors are edible! People may not leave with the wedding favors but they will certainly enjoy an extra dessert item or something to take with them for later. Many brides think you have to have a wedding favor for each guest. I do not think this is required anymore! If nothing strikes your fancy, then don’t feel obligated to give out wedding favors! Take the money from favors and spend it on sparklers for your exit or add to the dessert selection (maybe even a groom’s cake)!

If you do want to have wedding favors, my advice is to stick with something meaningful for you and your fiancee. Choose a favor that signifies you as a couple. Some of the more recent super cute favors I have seen were matchbooks and cigars, photobooth pictures, lottery tickets, coozies with a cute saying on it, jars of candy, bowties, and magnets. The matchbooks were awesome because the photos did not feature the couple on every book but showed pictures of the couple’s life together. The pictures on the matchbooks were of their dog, of places they went on dates, and experience they had as a couple without featuring pictures of just themselves. The guests were able to see a portion of the couple’s life together and leave with a meaningful gift.

Money saving tip: if you want to have favors but don’t want to spend a lot of money, get all of your bridesmaids together for a girls night and make the favors yourself. It takes some time but you will get some girl bonding in before your big day.

So…you don’t have to do wedding favors but if you do, choose something meaningful to you and your fiancee. Do whatever feels right for your wedding! 


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