Congrats Melanie and Michael! {Timuquana Country Club Wedding}

Well it’s my Monday morning recap of the weekend’s wedding, and I’m STILL exhausted!  These two wore me out! =)  Just kidding.  Melanie Doherty and Michael Mcgrath were married on Saturday at Timuquana Country club…a place that means a lot to them.  They are not only members there, but they also play lots of golf there as well as take their little daughter to many of the family friendly events they have there.  It was a perfect spot for a wedding, and a gorgeous day as well.  I’ll write more about the wedding day once I do their full blog post, but for now enjoy a few sneak peeks.

This first shot is a dip out on the dock  so we could see downtown Jax behind us.  I suggested we do a dip, and they both commented on crappy they had done their dips in Engagement sessions.  EVERYONE tells me that. haha  Dipping in normal attire just does not work, BUT it’s great practice for the wedding day.  Lots of the things we do in E sesh gets you ready for the big day.  Well, as you can see, these two nailed their wedding day dip.  And how amazing is her dress!???  When I arrived at the club and went hunting for her dress, I turned the corner and saw it and my jaw DROPPED.  I LOVE HER DRESS!

Okay photo number two. Just a little backstory. The wedding day went SOOOO fast. We were inside and Melanie asked the time. She had 30 mins left, and her little heart broke once she heard her day was almost over. I could see it on her face. So we extended a little bit of extra time. With the extra time the couple agreed to come do some backlit shots outside with me. We took some gorgoues photos on the front porch of the club (think plantation, columns, etc). I’ll post those later, but when we finished up she pointed out at the huge oak trees and asked if we could get some out there. A photographer’s dream is to have the couple want more photos! So of course we ran out and grabbed a few shots under an oak tree. And can I just also say Michael was such a sweetie about it. I’ve seen grooms moan and groan that they are having to take more photos. He was completely thrilled to do whatever his lovey wife wanted to do. Love it!


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