TPC Wedding day – Star sightings

I’m almost ready to blog Elli and Scott’s wedding day, but I thought I would do a quick blog post before hand on the side story of the day.  Tim Tebow’s golf tournament was the same day of Elli and Scott’s wedding, and it was really crazy having so much going on the whole time and all of us trying to find out what famous person was going by.  Elli was in her locker room watching people ride by on their golf cart.  You could always tell if it was someone famous b/c a crowd of people would gather to watch them.

Here’s Chris and Elli looking out the window.  Chris was able to tell us who some of the people are.

Getting ready we could hear a loud noise outside. Oh it was just a helicopter dropping golf balls!

During the boys formals before the ceremony, Chris grabbed a football player to take a pic with the boys. How cool!

Last but not least, I was walking through the foyer when I saw Jep and Jessica (Duck Dynasty) walk by. Jessica got into a car, and Jep was taking a photo with someone. I asked for a photo with him and peaked my head into the car and asked if she would take one as well. She was a doll, and she climbed out for a photo. She said, “No one wants to take a photo with me…Only the beards!” =)

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  1. Love the pic of you with the Duck Dynasty celebs! You’re so pretty!! xoxo

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