How to Have a Smooth Wedding Day {From a Photographer’s Perspective}

There is a lot of advice given to brides concerning how to have a smooth wedding day. We ask brides for advice at the end of their wedding experience, and typically include it on the blog posts. Sometimes, especially if you haven’t been to a lot of weddings yourself, you may not realize that the photographer is with the bride and groom for the entire day! It is such a privilege to be there for all of the big moments of the wedding day! Remember — your photographer sees the bride hanging out and getting ready with her girls, the dad seeing his daughter for the first time, the groomsmen just hanging out, the first look, the ceremony, the formals with just the bride and the groom, and every second of the reception. Because of all of the experiences that have added up over the years, you learn a few things as the photographer! Here is a little bit of advice from a photographer’s point of view.

Getting Ready:
The biggest piece of advice for all brides and bridesmaids would be to be on time for your photographer when she arrives. If you aren’t on time at the beginning of the day, you will not be on time for the rest of the day! You don’t want to cut into time you have allotted for pictures, your ceremony, or your reception (you have paid for the experience…take advantage of it)! To be on time, be sure all bridesmaids should be dressed and ready when the photographer arrives. Your girls should be able to be in photos as soon as they arrive.

You should also have your bridal suite clean and presentable for photos. This simply requires the bridesmaids and bride to keep everything organized. It could sound like a small detail but knowing where everything is can be instrumental to great photos! You get the best pictures when you have an idea of what details you may want to have the photos of. For example, all of the bridesmaids shoes, your bridesmaid gifts all in a row, and the garter, jewelry, and dress all set aside for pictures can make taking the pictures such a seamless event.

Girls Formals:
These tips are simple! Lipstick should be easily accessible. Your bouquets should have been delivered. Your family members should know when and where to be for their formal pictures. Set a meeting location prior to the day of your wedding so your family knows where to meet each other and then…eventually meet you! A bride shouldn’t have to be worrying too much about phone calls on her wedding day 🙂

Boys Formals:
The photographer will typically get shots of the guys hanging out and getting ready. For these formal photos, the boys in the wedding should verify that all suits are on correctly and the boutonnieres are on. The rule of a three-button suit is sometimes, always, and never. You SOMETIMES button the top button, ALWAYS button the middle button, and NEVER button the bottom button. (Check it out…I promise that is a fact).

This blog post is to be continued…and will include tips for the wedding, formal photos, and the reception.

The first photo below shows a nice, clean room ready for detail shots…like this bouquet. The second photo shows a group of bridesmaids that was ready for photos and could be there for the bride as she got ready! The third shows a detail shot of a groom getting ready for his wedding!


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