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Kristi and Chadd’s Engagement Photos {Amelia Island Engagement Session Photos}

Kristi and Chadd had such a fun E session.  From the moment Kristi and I met, we felt a bond and right away we began planning their sophisticated sexy E session.  I think these two nailed their shoot.  It’s romantic, sexy, fun, and we stumbled upon some amazing lighting (granted, it was actually someone’s backyard…BUT we went with it).  Kristi and Chadd are both in sports so they wanted to end their session with some fun sports photos.  They have the cutest little love story that I asked Kristi to write out for me.  Hope you enjoy!

From Kristi-
“Chadd’s voice was familiar to me for a long time before I met him in person. He was the producer for a sports radio talk show in Atlanta that I listened to regularly. One day, as I was driving home from doing a television segment on legal issues in sports, I caught a segment where Chadd was saying he never wanted to date a woman who liked sports. I thought I must have heard him wrong – every guy wants to date a woman who likes sports, right? Wrong! Tons of guys called in to the show to agree with Chadd. Most of them saw sports as their escape – their “me time” so to speak. They didn’t want a girl who wanted to tag along to games with them or watch with them on the weekend.

Chadd’s reasoning was a little different. He said he talked about sports at work all day, so the last thing he wanted to do was come home and talk sports with someone. I would have dismissed that easily enough if so many guys hadn’t called in to agree with him. I remember I was sitting in my car outside a restaurant and couldn’t turn off the radio to go inside, because I was so shocked by what I was hearing from these guys. I immediately tweeted that I was listening to the station and what Chadd had said.

I can’t remember if Chadd replied back, but he did email me the next day. I had sent an email to him months before that, because I wanted the radio station to use me as a guest on shows to talk about sports business stories. He went back and found my email, after asking some mutual acquaintances in the sports media world about me, and told me he was always willing to “reassess his beliefs” and asked if I would have a drink with him.

My initial reaction wasn’t all that positive. You see, Chadd is kind of opinionated on the air. In fact, sometimes Chadd is kind of a jerk on the radio. It was actually my father who encouraged me to go out with him, assuring me that Chadd’s on-air persona was only an act.

Our first date drinks turned into dinner and the next thing I knew I’d spent close to 4 hours on the porch of a Mexican restaurant in Atlanta with an incredibly intelligent man I had a ton in common with – from both working in sports media to both being in the process of writing a book. I didn’t want the conversation, or the date, to end. Luckily, he asked me out again the next week and the rest, as they say, is history.

Oh, and not only do we talk about sports all the time…we even host a sports talk radio show together here in Jacksonville on Tuesday nights from 7-9pm on 1010XL! Guess he didn’t know what he wanted after all.”

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