Heather and Larry are married!!! {Ponte Vedra Lodge and Club}




Wedding Weekend Info:


Hotel accommodations for guests: Hampton Inn
Rehearsal Dinner Location:  Season’s 52.  Our FAVORITE resturant
Ceremony Location: Ponte Vedra Lodge and Club outside on the Lawn
Reception Location:  Ponte Vedra Lodge
Caterer: Ponte Vedra Lodge
Wedding Coordinator:  Nicole Wessling at the Lodge.  I think it made her a little nervous that I wasn’t super worried about all the details.  I gave her a lot of freedom to do things as she wanted and leaned on her expertise regarding the flow of the ceremony/reception.  She did an amazing job and would highly recommend future brides to work with her.
Photographer: The one & only Tonya Beaver!  Tonya and her assistants were awesome.  I trusted Tonya to take the lead and do her thing when it came to the wedding.  Her pictures are stunning and gorgeous.  I would want no other photographer…..ever.
Cake:  Andrea Vogler.  Andy is my sister in law and a stay at home mom.  She makes and decorates cakes as a side job from her home in Illinois.  The wedding cake was made in my kitchen and I was able to sample all the flavors as they were being made.  My house smelled like delicious cake for days!  Each layer was a different flavor hand picked by Larry and I.  One layer was white chocolate chip with raspberry filling.  The second layer was a chocolate cake with a mint oreo cream filling.  The third layer was a chocolate chip with caramel filling that tasted like chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.  I told Andy to surprise us with the top layer.  Currently that top layer is wrapped up in our freezer.  I can’t wait until our one year anniversary to find out what delicious flavor we get to enjoy!
Florist: Liz Stewart Flowers.  I worked with Tiffany and she was amazing.  She was prompt and professional.  I think that she too was nervous that I put all the decisions into her experienced hands.  My criteria was simply that I wanted yellow flowers.  She put everything together for us and it was absolutely beautiful!
Officiate:  Steve Cothran.  Steve was Larry’s youth pastor growing up in NC.  He gathered stories about Larry and I for a couple days prior to the ceremony and compiled them all into our ceremony.  It was a very personalized, unique and special ceremony.
Hair: Tammy Moses.  Tammy has been my hair stylist for a couple years now and it a close friend of ours.
Make-up: Tammy Moses Cosmetics.  Tammy has started her own cosmetic line and I think she helped look absolutely gorgeous on my wedding day!  Thank you Tammy!
Wedding music – Sarah Spelsberg and Chad Stidham.  Sarah is a close friend and coworker who is very talented in the arts.  Chad and Sarah play together often at the Wine Bar in Jax beach.  They both did an amazing job at the ceremony.
Entertainment: Al Natural Band.  Doc Al is the physician at Global Family Care where I met Larry.  This wedding wouldn’t have been without Doc so it was only fitting that his band play at the reception.  The band rocked it!  Young and old were dancing all night and everyone had so much fun!
Wedding Dress: Treasures Bridal in Roswell, GA
Wedding Shoes: DSW
Bridesmaids Dresses:  David’s Bridal
Groom and Groomsmen Wear:  Jos. A. Banks


Before the Wedding …

How did you two meet? I was a Physician Assistant student at a Global Family care in Orange Park, FL and Larry turned up in the office. Part of my job was to see all the patient before the doctor, so Larry ended up being my patient.

How did he propose? He was able to get a brick engraved and placed in the sidewalk outside of Lilly’s coffee shop in Atlantic Beach. After dinner on our one year dating anniversary, Larry suggested we walk off our delicious dinner and started walking toward Lilly’s. We stumbled upon a wallet that had been planted on the brick to mark the spot. After some discussion about the wallet that was on the ground, he moved the wallet and dropped to a knee with the ring in hand and revealing the engraving on the brick that read “Heather will you marry me”.

How did you decide on your color scheme, flowers, and cake? Little did I realize that I have this obsession with the turquoise blue color. I picked Malibu blue from David’s bridal for the bridesmaid’s dresses because I was just drawn to the brightness and spring feeling I got from the color. I had always dreamed about having a bright yellow for my flowers and the two colors just melded together.

How did you decide on your invitations, and who did you use? Invitations were viewed like the low man on the totem pole. I wanted something extremely simple and cheap. I think I used a coupon or discount code on David’s Bridal website. We were able to get the font color that matched the dresses and a one page invite.

Where did you go for your honeymoon? We stayed the wedding night at the Ponte Vedra Lodge. We then drove down to St. Augustine and stayed at the Casa Monica for the next night. We enjoyed St. Augustine for a day and then returned to our busy lives. We have our official honeymoon coming up in September. We are headed to St. Lucia at a Sandals resort.

If you could give yourself any advice prior to the wedding, what would it be? I would not have changed a thing about the wedding or the events surrounding the wedding. I decided when I first started planning the wedding, that the important things will work themselves out. I went with the flow and never stressed about any of the details. I took my coworkers advice and Larry and I stayed at each others sides during the entire reception. It made it so much easier to great all of our guests and visit with them as a couple.


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